Tim builds the tension and had a classic bit of repartee - in haiku form! The author builds on the confidence of his earlier submissions and ends in anticipation! quite literally..........I can't wait to read more.....

Edward, sensing his early lead slipping  to Tims dominant form, throws in a second contribution rebounding well with a little comic gem in two parts. Then the new kid "happens"......

His first was fulled with the raw energy one only finds in the work of a novice yet to become jaded by rejections and poor reviews. Then Tim pulls out all the stops and it looks like its all over - that fat lady warming up in the wings.....

Edward - what were you thinking? Newlands won't mind!!! But I would. The imagery you had me conjour up has just put me off my hot chocolate.....eeeeewwwwghh!

And then the raw latent talent of Branden [footnote 1] comes across as youthful exuberance  of one not "finished off" by the hum drum of society.

Followed by one that almost floored me. Not a true Haiku you might say, but filled with such intense rawness and yes I see that hoity toity syllable shortening trick you tried - what with those apostrophes all over the place - so whats a syllable or two between friends.

I have not laughed this hard since, well I can't remember since when.

So well done Branden - you get the ticket!

The winning entry

Kyk’ie tjsou swaai
Ek’e saam na rugby toe waai
Fok’ie ander wit naai

[footnote 1]
And Brandon used his solid financial background to leverage a sweet sponsohsip deal! Did I hear the words FREE BEER TREVOR!!!!!!